I've been waiting for a store like this and can't wait to see new products pop in to help relieve stress...and just make life more fun.

Annie A.

I think this is a really good idea. I'm looking forward to seeing the curation, and having my products listed here, too!

Maria S.

I like hearing about new things to help with stress and anxiety, so I'll be checking back regularly.

Eric S.

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Bullet Journaling with Sync

This Molekin journal syncs with the Evernote app (by taking photos of the pages). It will please both paper lovers and digital addicts.

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Downtime Candle

This is a fancy candle with a super cool, reusable concrete base. It's kinda dreamy, but also spendy. At least it goes to a good cause!

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Cozy Up

We sought out the coziest, coolest slippers out there. Buy them now and support the Beautiful Voyager while taking care of yourself.

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