Help with Hosting Costs!

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The original reason that I started the Beautiful Voyager Marketplace was to offset my hosting costs and grow my site, the meeting place for overthinkers.

I never thought I would be asking for money. I'm from the Midwest, after all!

But that's changed.

I now see that to grow the Beautiful Voyager the way I want to, I need to invest in it. That takes effort. One person can't do it alone. 

I am very transparent about where money goes. Here is a forum thread summarizing all costs associated with hosting the Beautiful Voyager. Now that we've launched this marketplace, I'll also be adding a monthly tally of the money raised here.

The goal is to get the site to pay for itself as it grows. Every dollar helps!

If you donate to support the Beautiful Voyager, expect to receive a handwritten piece of mail from me.