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The Best Weighted Blanket

The Best Weighted Blanket

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Ever wonder why the lead x-ray blanket in the dentist's chair feels so great? It's because weighted blankets help relax your nervous system, releasing a flood of "good-feeling" hormones into your body (similar to the hormones you get when you are hugged or held).

Gaining Popularity

Weighted blankets have been well known within the medical community, particularly for neurological disorders like: 

  • Autism

  • Restless legs syndrome

  • Bipolar, Schizophrenia

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Insomnia and other sleeping disorders

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

It's only recently that word started getting out about weighted blankets for the management of stress and anxiety.

Getting the weight right

It's important to get the right weight for your body. Here's the ratio we used to determine the correct weight for you: 10% of your body weight plus two or three pounds.

How to care for your weighted blanket

  • Do not open the packaged box with a sharp instrument.

  • Delicate setting in cold water. Line dry is best, but tumble dry low can be used.

  • Please DO NOT allow your weighted blanket to be available to your pets. Chewing and clawing can cause the blanket to tear and expose the pellets.

  • Always fold and carry your weighted blanket when transporting it to a different room. Don't pull on your weighted blanket or wear it like a robe.

Weighted Blankets in the Night

Weighted blankets should never be used by infants or people who do not have the ability or strength to remove the blanket from their face or head.

Double Check Your Order

Our weighted products are custom-made so refunds are not normally possible, unless the order is incorrect because of size, weight, fabric or color errors.

Our blankets are weighted with co-polypropylene (plastic) pellets which are non-toxic & washable. The polyester fiber fill around the weights is engineered have a light, soft down-like feel which provides an excellent insulation layer. This fiber is hypo-allergenic, and has an antimicrobial treatment that protects the fill from growth of microbes.

Note on Shipping

Blankets will take 10 business days to arrive. To give yourself enough time to receive the blanket in time, please order two weeks ahead of when you need it!


1. Gray Twin Trellis Design
Approximately 64" x 88"
Soft, Brushed Microfiber 
2. Pink Unicorn

Approximately 40" x 50"

Ultra Plush/Sherpa




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